How to Clean Mildew From Boat Upholstery

That most boat upholstery takes a beating is a given. Exposed to warmth and moisture, it develops mildew, especially in creases and seams or any other area that does not get much sunlight. The problem with mildew is that it can eventually wear down the upholstery. In addition, if it is not treated and destroyed, mildew will travel to other areas in your boat such as carpeting, damaging fabric fibers.

Spray on Mold-off, or similar non-bleach boat upholstery cleaner, on all moldy or mildewed areas. Make sure to spray in upholstery creases and seams where mildew can get a strong hold. Use enough product to cover the entire area, beyond the visible stain. Some mold spores may have traveled but aren't showing yet.

Leave the spray on over night or longer, if using Mold-Off. This allows it ample time for the ingredients to kill mildew.

Wipe down the areas with a dry cloth. If some mildew stains are still present, rub with a damp cloth.

Spray the cleaner on other boat surfaces, such as carpeting to eliminate mildew spores in those areas. This will help prevent those spores from re-infesting the upholstery.


  • Mildew removal is important all season long but is especially important to do before storing your boat for any length of time.


  • Mold-off is one of many anti-mildew boat products available.