How to Clean a Marksman Repeater BB Gun

How to Clean a Marksman Repeater BB Gun

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The Marksman Repeater BB gun is manufactured by the Marksman company. The Marksman is a spring piston powered air gun that shoots pellets, darts and bolts at a maximum velocity of 200-feet-per-second. The Marksman Repeater should have basic cleaning and maintenance performed every 200 to 300 shots, according to the user's manual. Cleaning the pistol is a simple process that requires only a few tools. With proper care, your Marksman Repeater will last for thousands of shots.

Items you will need

  • Synthetic air gun oil

  • Air gun cleaning rod

  • Cotton patches

Cleaning the Barrel

Attach a small cotton cleaning patch to the tip of an air gun cleaning rod.

Place a few drops of air gun oil onto the patch.

Insert the patch into the top of the barrel and run the patch down the length of the barrel several times.

Run a second patch with no oil down the barrel several times to remove oil residue.

Oiling the Air Chamber

Hold the pistol in an upright and uncocked position.

Place a few drops of air gun oil directly into the top of the barrel.

Leave the pistol in an upright position for at least one hour to allow the oil to reach the internal parts at the base of the barrel.


  • The user's manual warns that extensive use of the Marksman pistol will result in loss of power, and the unit should be returned to the manufacturer for professional service.
  • Always check that the pistol is unloaded prior to cleaning.
  • Use only synthetic oil, as conventional oil can burn components when fired.
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