How to Clean Gun Stocks with Murphy's Oil Soap

How to Clean Gun Stocks with Murphy's Oil Soap

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Items you will need

  • Murphy's oil soap

  • Clean rags

  • Lint-free cloths

  • Quality wax

Clean gun stocks with a diluted solution of Murphy's oil soap and a damp cloth to restore the luster of the wood, and to remove dirt and grime from the field.

    Prepare a solution of three parts Murphy's Oil Soap to one part water. About one cup is all that is needed to clean the stocks on several guns.

    Dip a clean cloth in the solution until it is damp, not sopping, and wipe down the length of the stock, the grip and any other wooden parts on the gun.

    Dry the gun with another clean cloth and allow the weapon to air dry completely.

    Rub a light coat of quality wax into all surfaces of the stock, and allow the wax to set for about half an hour.

    Buff and shine the wax from the stocks with a clean, dry cloth.


    • Clean your guns after every excursion into the field or the shooting range to prolong their life and ensure their reliability.

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