How to Clean a .22 Rifle

How to Clean a .22 Rifle

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A .22LR rifle has long been a popular firearm for hunting small game, casual "plinking" at targets and for introducing young hunters to guns. Bolt action rifles of this type have the advantage of being inexpensive, very reliable, and easy to use and maintain. However, even the rugged bolt action rifle requires regular cleaning after use to continue offering reliable, safe shooting.

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    Take out the bolt. Double check to make sure the gun is unloaded and pull the trigger. Push down on the release lever and free the bolt from the rifle.

    Put a cleaning pad on the cleaning rod and dip the pad into the solvent.

    Push the rod and pad into the barrel from the bolt-end. Repeat this motion several times.

    Use the wet and dry rags to clean and dry all exterior parts of the gun that have dirt or grime on them.

    Dip a cleaning cloth in gun oil and use this to oil the exterior parts of the metal.

    Put the rifle's bolt assembly back together.

    Items you will need

    • Cleaning pads

    • Cleaning cloth

    • Wet and dry rags

    • Cleaning rod

    • Solvent

    • Gun oil

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