How to Clean a 380 Bersa

How to Clean a 380 Bersa

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The Bersa 380 is a compact, semi-automatic weapon manufactured in Argentina. The weapon is considered a reliable backup sidearm for law enforcement and is one of the highest-rated weapons that fires a .380 ACP round, according to Bersa Firearms USA. The Bersa 380, like all weapons, needs periodic maintenance, especially after target shooting. Maintenance will ensure that no gunpowder residue will foul or freeze onto the weapon's moving parts, and will deter corrosion from exposure to moisture.

Items you will need

  • Cloth-tipped bore plunger

  • Nylon bristle-gun cleaning brush

  • Soft cloth

  • Cleaner lubricant protector

Check to ensure the weapon is unloaded. Remove the magazine and inspect the chamber.

Field-strip the Bersa 380 by holding the weapon with your firing hand, then grab the slide and pull it to the rear. Depress the disassembly catch with your trigger finger, then pull the slide back farther until it stops. Lift up the slide and pull it off, then remove the spring from the barrel.

Clean the barrel by adding a couple of drops of cleaner lubricant protector to a cloth-tipped bore plunger. Push the rod through the bore in a plunging action, in and out, until the bore is clean of powder residue.

Brush away powder residue or corrosion using a nylon-bristle gun-cleaning brush. Thoroughly scrub away visible residue from metal parts, particularly the firing pin and extractor hook, located at the end of the bolt.

Use a soft cloth and wipe away oily residue from the bolt and firing-pin area. Add one drop of cleaner lubricant protector to each of the four lower-frame tracks--these are the four flat pieces of metal where the slide makes contact--then reassemble the weapon. Place the spring back onto the barrel then place the slide back onto the frame. Hold the disassembly catch down with your trigger finger, push forward, release the disassembly catch and pull back until you hear a click.


  • Never attempt maintenance on a loaded weapon.
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