Cheap Wood Burning Tools

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There are a number of tools that can be used to burn wood surfaces, making intricate artistic designs or just creating a unique sense of decor on wood. Many of these tools are not very expensive to buy from crafts or hardware stores, and some can even be fashioned out of things in your home.

Homemade Tools

There are ways to make your own wood burning tool for almost no money. This entails building a fire with matches or by simply lighting a gas burner on the stove. Then a chisel or piece of metal can be heated up, and lines or burn mark indentations can be made in the piece of wood. This is a much slower and painstaking way to do your own wood burning, but it is a method that costs you little more than time and gas or necessary heating implements.

Electric Wood Burning Tools

Electric wood burning tools are electrically heated, and can have different tips attached to the ends to make a number of different designs on a piece of wood. These tools plug directly into an outlet in the wall through a cord, and heat to temperatures up to 950 degrees. The variety of tips allow making thick burns and thin burns for a range of different design capabilities.


Pieces of metal can be designed cheaply and shaped to make brands that can be placed on pieces of wood. These metal brands can be dates, initials, or any design you can imagine. Brands can be designed relatively inexpensively and attached to metal rods. While limited in what you can burn onto the wood each time, these brands will give you a consistently identical wood burning design.


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