How to Change RV Tires

Everyone learns how to change a tire on a car in driver's education. For the most part, people know you have to jack up a car, switch the tire, and tighten it. The process isn't much different when you get a flat tire on a recreational vehicle. If you can't call on roadside assistance, changing a tire is easy to do by yourself. Just relax, keep calm and remember where the spare is kept in the unit.

Step 1

Place a jack behind the back wheel and in front of the front wheel on the side with the flat tire. Be sure the jacks are pushing at the frame of the RV.

Step 2

Remove the hubcap from the bad tire. Loosen the lug nuts with the wrench.

Step 3

Push up the jack in the back until it connects with the frame of the RV. Jack up the front jack until it contacts the frame. Pump it up four more pumps to make sure the unit is high enough off the ground. Return to the back wheel and pump the jack up three more times in the back as well.

Step 4

Remove the lug nuts from both tires. using a lug wrench, and set them aside. Remove the bad tire by hand.

Step 5

Mount the spare tire and put the lug nuts on the spare tire. Tighten with the lug wrench. Lower the jacks and retighten the lug nuts after the tire is completely on the ground.


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