How to Change Oil in Honda Outboards

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Honda four-stroke outboard motors are probably the most dependable outboard motors on the market. With a little simple maintenance, these Honda outboards will last for many years of tireless use. In this article we will go over the simple steps of changing the engine oil in Honda four-stroke outboard motors.

Items you will need

  • Synthetic Motor Oil

  • Oil Filter

  • Screwdriver(Regular)

  • Sockets

  • Pan or Bucket

  • Cardboard for Funnel

  • Rag

The first step is to take the cowling(cover) off the top of the motor. On the 225 model there is a latch on the front and two latches on the back of the motor. Undo the latches and pull cowling off.

Next, look down on the right side about 3/4 way down and look for a small removable panel with a screw to remove. Remove panel and you will see an oil drain bolt to remove. Get something ready to drain old oil into and a piece of cardboard or similar material to funnel oil from drain hole to pan or bucket. When all of this is in place, remove drain bolt and let all the old oil drain out.

When all of the old oil is drained out, replace drain screw bolt. and panel.

Now, look up on the top part of the motor and find the oil filter. It looks just like the one on your car. Remove it by unscrewing it and replacing. Make sure you snug it up tight.

Now, if you haven't already, remove the screw cap on the oil fill hole. It will be the yellow screw cap on the top part of the motor. Now you are ready to put new oil in. Put in the amount prescribed by the owner's manual. In a BF 225 in takes about 8 quarts.

After you put in the new oil check it with the dip stick on the top of the motor. Again, it looks a lot like the one on your car. If that checks out as full, put the top back on the fill hole and replace cowling and you are ready to go fishing or boating.


  • Always dispose of your used motor oil properly.


  • Use only synthetic motor oil of the highest quality.
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