How to Change the Oil on a 2002 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide

How to Change the Oil on a 2002 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide

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The 88-inch V-Twin engine used on the Harley-Davidson Super Glide is a high-compression, high-revving engine that requires regular oil changes. The engine is air-cooled, so oil breakdown occurs much sooner than you see in automobiles. Changing the oil every 2,500 miles helps to keep your Harley engine in top working order.

Items you will need

  • Socket set

  • Oil container

  • Filter wrench

  • Funnel

Start your Super Glide and allow it to warm up for a few minutes. This softens the oil and helps it drain faster.

Unscrew the oil filler cap from the oil tank. This releases any suction pressure on the oil system and helps the oil drain faster.

Place a drain pan under the crankcase and remove the oil drain plug from the left side of the crankcase with a socket and ratchet. Drain the oil from the crankcase and then tighten the drain plug back into place.

Remove the oil filter from the front of the engine using an oil filter wrench.

Wipe new oil onto the rubber seal on the bottom of the new oil filter, thread the filter onto the oil pickup tube and tighten the filter a quarter-turn with the oil filter wrench.

Drain 2 qts. of oil into the oil tank and put the cap back on the tank.

Run the engine for five minutes, check the dipstick and add more oil, according to the reading on the dipstick.

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