How to Change a Fishing Reel From Right to Left Handed

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Changing a fishing reel to suit ones hand preference, takes only a few minutes and improves your fishing experience. Here's how to get it done.

Place the fishing reel that needs to be changed on a table or in your lap with the reel facing up.

Loosen the screw that is on the opposite side of the handle. The screw should come off by hand, but some models may need a screwdriver to help loosen the screw.

Unscrew the screw on the reel, and remove it from its hole. Pull the handle opposite the screw, out from the fishing reel.

Insert the handle into the opposite side of the fishing reel, where the screw was just removed. Push the handle in, so that it is as tight to the reel as possible.

Place the screw into the hole that the handle was in, the handle and the screw just change places. Tighten the screw as much as possible, until the handle is attached firmly.

Test the fishing reel by casting and reeling in with the dominant hand, to make sure that the change in handle position suits your hand preference.


  • There are many different types of fishing reels, these instructions are specifically for the spinning reel, but they can be generally applied to other reels. The key component is to look for a screw across from the handle.
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