How to Adjust an Abu Garcia Revo-S

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Abu Garcia manufactures a wide range of fishing equipment designed for both the freshwater and saltwater angler. The Revo S is one of the company's baitcast reels. Designed for entry level and accomplished anglers alike, the Revo S features an X-Craftic alloy frame, eight ball bearings and a Pitch Centrifugal Brake system for casting control. You can make precise adjustments to the Revo S for a variety of fishing conditions.

Items you will need

  • Casting plug or lure

Press the spool release button on the Revo S and pull line from the spool. Feed the line through the line guides along the length of the rod and pull 3 to 4 feet of line from the end of the rod. Tie a casting plug or lure onto the end of the line with a Palomar knot.

Reel the line in to position the plug or lure six inches from the rod tip. Locate the small, knurled tension adjustment knob on the side of the reel. Turn the knob to completely tighten the spool tension. Press the spool release button and turn the spool tension knob in the opposite direction until the lure or plug begins to slowly drop down.

Remove the side panel from the Revo S to access the Pitch Centrifugal Brake system. Locate the three manually adjustable brakes. Slide one, two or three brakes down, based on the amount of constant braking needed during the cast. Replace the side panel.

Adjust the main brake control on the side of the reel to the middle position as a starting point. Increase or decrease the brake control setting based on fishing conditions, lure weight and personal preference.

Locate the star-shaped drag control between the handle and reel body. Turn the star wheel to completely tighten the drag. Grasp the line just beyond the end of the rod tip and pull. Turn the drag wheel in the opposite direction to loosen it until you can pull line from the spool. Use this as a starting point and increase or decrease the drag based on fishing conditions, personal preference and the type of line you're using.

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