How to Catch Worms for Bait by Vibration

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Earthworms are a traditional live bait used by many anglers to catch a variety of game fish. Available for purchase from many sporting good and tackle shops, earth worms are pink to dark red in color and can grow over 8 inches in length. Many anglers prefer to catch their own worms for fishing and use vibration to help coax the worms out of the ground.

Items you will need

  • 2 ft stob

  • Rooping iron

  • Flat, moist soil

  • Container

Select a flat area of ground that is moist as a location for using vibration to bring earthworms to the surface.

Drive a 2-foot stake with a flat end, or stob, into the ground in the chosen location. Use a hammer to help drive the stob into the ground. Choose a 2-foot long round stake with one end sharpened and the other end flat to use as a stob.

Position yourself beside the stob in the ground and hold a rooping iron. Choose a 2- to 3-inch wide piece of iron that is 2 feet long and has serrations or a rough side. Use a large rasp, such as one used to shape wood or animal hooves, if a rooping iron is not available.

Place the rooping iron on the flat end of the stob sticking up from the ground. Move the serrated or rough side of the iron completely across the flat end of the stob to produce a grunting sound and vibrations in the soil.

Repeat the process and watch for earth worms to begin to crawl out of the ground. Gather the earth worms in a plastic container for fishing.


  • Grunt or vibrate the ground for worms following a rain.
  • Drag the entire length of the rooping iron or file across the top of the stob. Adjust the angle at which you hold the rooping iron or file to gain the most vibration as it is moved across the stob.
  • Observe the ground to watch for the first few worms to emerge. Continue to vibrate the ground to draw additional worms to the surface before stopping to collect them.