How to Carry a Snowboard on Your Pack While Snowshoeing

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One of the benefits of snowshoeing is the ability to snowboard back down the terrain you just climbed. If your arms are tired of carrying that snowboard on long treks, strap it down to your pack.

Examine your backpack for straps on the front of the pack. Some packs will have two across the front, others will not have any.

Rig up some webbing or rope around the front of your pack if it is not made with straps. Wrap two pieces of webbing or rope all the way around the pack horizontal to the ground and a foot apart.

Slide your snowboard through the straps with the bindings facing out.

Position the board so that the top binding is between the two backpack straps and then tighten down the straps.

Hoist your backpack onto your shoulders.

Make sure your snowboard does not hang below your knees. It will be hard to snowshoe with with a low hanging board, so adjust if necessary.

Snowshoe up the hill, switch gear at the top and ride down.


  • You can snowshoe in your snowboard boots to save room in your pack and to keep your feet toasty warm the whole trip.
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