How to Camp With a Conversion Van

How to Camp With a Conversion Van

Explore America's Campgrounds

Conversion van camping is a versatile way to travel the open road, and enjoy the great outdoors around the nation's campgrounds. Consider the conversion van the go-cart of the RV world, and it's just about the same as a tent on wheels that you never have to disassemble. With a conversion van you can get in and out of areas that RV's can't go, pack a large amount of camping gear, and have a comfortable place to rest your head at night without having to sleep on the hard ground. With a conversion van, camping options are almost limitless. You should always follow local ordinances and campground rules while camping in a conversion van.

Modify your conversion van for camping excursions. All conversion vans are built differently and have different amenities, but you can remove seats or add carpeting if you prefer. You may also want to add a small bed or install cabinets to store camping gear.

Stock up on food and beverages before you leave home, and keep a cooler in the van for keeping items cold. The great thing about a conversion van is that you can take an extra-large cooler along with you, whereas you can only bring a small cooler--with limited space--in smaller vehicle. On longer trips this will save you a lot of money because you won't have to stop off at restaurants or pay for fast food.

Park your van at a public or private campground tent site, or choose a site with electrical hookups if you need to charge up any items such as laptop computers or portable televisions. You can still set up a tent at the site for extra room, or if you simply want to enjoy the night outside. You can use the van to sleep in if it starts to rain, rather than sleeping in the tent.


  • Use caution if parking and sleeping overnight at rest stops. Keep the doors locked, and valuables out of sight at all times. Avoid parking in vacant parking lots or on the side of the road. This may be illegal in some areas.