How to Buy a Diesel Pusher Motorhome

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Diesel pusher motor homes are recreational vehicles with diesel motors placed on a rear mount chassis. The overall design allows diesel pusher motorhomes to tow or carry additional weight due to the short length of the drive shaft that provides increased power to the motor home's rear wheels. Although diesel pusher motor homes may often come with a higher price tag than their gas or front-mounted diesel counterparts, they are ideal recreational vehicles for towing or traveling over steep grades.

Research the current market prices of recreational vehicles and establish a budget for your diesel pusher motor home purchase. Evaluate your financial position and decide whether you can purchase outright or will require financing; if the latter, contact your bank or a reputable lender to apply for a loan.

Research available features, such as built-in showers and cooking areas, and decide your preferences. Keep in mind that diesel pushers are normally only available on large Class A motor home chassis, meaning you will need to consider a reasonably-sized vehicle. A smaller diesel pusher model is best suited for staying overnight in campgrounds or traveling narrow, winding roads. Likewise, primary travel on major highways and camping in RV parks call for a larger vehicle.

Visit local recreational vehicle dealerships to tour motor homes and determine which model to purchase. Research on-line retailers or private parties selling diesel pusher motor homes and visit nearby recreational vehicle expositions to see as many options as possible. Bring your list of desired options to avoid wasting time considering vehicles that do not fit your criteria.

Rent the pusher motor home of your choice from a recreational vehicle rental company. Take a weeklong trip to determine if the motor home is a good fit before proceeding with the purchase. Evaluate the living space, fuel economy, driving requirements and maneuverability as you assess whether the vehicle fits your standards.

Purchase the motor home you desire. Work with a dealer to buy a new or used model, where you will often have the luxury of on-site financing options and warranty plans. Contact local independent sellers to purchase a used diesel pusher from a private party. Although you may save money buying from a private party, there are usually no guarantees on the vehicle's reliability.


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