Bushnell Sportview Scope Instructions

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The Bushnell Sportview line of scopes are made for wildlife watching and birding. These scopes use a set of coated lenses that reduce glare and a set of focus dials to bring the subject into view. Most of the Sportview line of scopes are equipped with a tripod that helps steady the scope during use. Bushnell includes a hard carrying case for transporting the scope to your viewing areas.

Turn the scope over to expose the mounting screw-holes for the tripod. Insert the tripod set-screw into the mounting hole and turn the tripod clockwise to secure it against the scope. Pull the legs of the tripod down and set the leg locks (a clasp that clicks, indicating it is locked into position).

Set the tripod onto the ground so the scope is supported. Look through the eye piece and find a subject to view. Keep your subject, at first, within 100 yards.

Turn the main focus dial (the larger of the two) until the subject appears closer than before, yet still seems fuzzy around the edges.

Turn the second focus dial to clear the fuzzy edges and make the image sharp and crisp.

Store the scope and tripod in the carrying case when you're done. Remove the tripod for transport.

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