How to Adjust Bushnell Scopes

How to Adjust Bushnell Scopes

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You need to make your shots count when target shooting or hunting. A misplaced shot may cost you a tournament or merely injure your prey, requiring you to hunt down a wounded animal. Make every shot count by adjusting your Bushnell scope before you head out into the field or to any target competition.

Items you will need

  • Rifle

  • Ammunition

  • Target range with target

Step 1

Set up your target at a safe and approved firing range. Set the target at a distance of more than 100 yards because Bushnell rifle scopes are pre-set on the parallax — when the target image does not focus on the reticle plane — to 100 yards. Load your rifle and get into your shooting position.

Step 2

Look through the scope and find the target image in the scope. Use the focus eye-piece adjustment to bring the image into focus. Take a shot. Retrieve the target and see where the shot hit compared to where you were aiming. Set the target back in the same location.

Step 3

Turn the windage adjustment — the dial to the side of the scope — a quarter turn to either the left or right, determined by where your original shot hit. If it hit to the left, turn the windage dial a quarter turn to the left, and if it hit to the right, turn it a quarter turn to the right. Take a shot and check the target to see where it hit. This adjustment is used for the horizontal plane. Continue to site it in until you achieve the horizontal adjustment you desire.

Step 4

Set up a new target at the same distance and take a shot. Retrieve the target and see if the shot went high or low to where you were aiming. Turn the elevation adjustment dial — found on the top middle section of the Bushnell scope, a quarter turn to the right to elevate the scope, or to the left a quarter turn to lower the elevation. Take another shot after your adjustment and check the target.

Step 5

Continue to make quarter-turn adjustments until you get the desired result with your scope and shot.

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