How to Build a Portable Potty

You need an inexpensive toilet to take on vacation or to the beach. Here's a great, easy way to make one for less than $20.00 that's not "roughing it" too much. This toilet idea is lightweight and doesn't take up too much room in a vehicle. It can also be made so you don't leave anything behind, and is easy to clean.

Cut the bottom off of a five gallon plastic bucket with a jigsaw, keeping it as level as possible.

Make sure the seat is alighned to the bucket. Using the hardware that comes with a cheap plastic toilet seat, attach it to the bucket with screws.

You can either dig a hole in the ground and set the bucket on top, or use a plastic bag inside of it.

A simplified version is just to ise a five gallon bucket with a lid and a garbage bag inside, however, it's not as comfortable. It is easier to clean.