How to Build a Model Dog Sled

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A model dog sled can be a great thing to build for any number of reasons. You might be able to use it for a school project, a display, or simply to learn about dog sleds and how they work. It can be fun and exciting at the same time!

Making Your Frame

  1. Make a plan for your sled. Remember that you want to have long sticks that you can use, so be sure to lay these out and see how long they need to be.

  2. Attach two sticks at one end in order to make a point. You can make this rounded if you want, or simply leave it as a point. Use twine or wire to bind them together.

  3. Use a third stick to make a triangle with the two that are already attached. Use twine to bind these sticks together.

  4. From the corners made by the third stick, put two shorter sticks, one on each end. Attach these with twine or with glue. They should stand straight up in the air.

  5. Connect these two sticks with a stick that goes completely flat across. Cut it to match the size of the sled.

  6. From the two new corners that you have made, attach two new sticks that go the length of your model sled, and meet at the corner where you started. Attach these all to the tip with twine. Now, you should have the main frame of your sled.

Finish Your Sled

  1. Add a handle bar and feet rests with smaller sticks. Glue them into place or use twine to attach them into place.

  2. Use the cloth in order to made a sled bag. You can be as creative as you would like to.

  3. Finish the sled by tying up any loose ends with twine. You can even use string to zig-zag on the sides of the sled, in order to keep your sled bag held tight!

Items you will need

  • Popsicle sticks or other long sticks
  • Wire or twine
  • Glue
  • Small pieces of cloth


  • Dog Sleds can be any shape or size, so get creative!
  • You can add lines for the dogs using sting, and can even attach model dogs to the sled!


  • Use caution when gluing or cutting your sticks.

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