How to Build Jet Ski Stands

Whenever your jet ski is not in use, you'll need to store it properly to prevent it from being damaged. This means either docking it on the water (a good or bad idea depending on the weather) or storing it in your garage. One of the best ways to store your jet ski is to simply leave it on a trailer rack, but that's not always practical. The alternative is to build stands for your jet skis.

Invest in a jet ski dock. A jet ski dock allows you to keep your jet ski at the water without having to continually transport it to and from your home. Some of the best models come pre-assembled and leave no need for space-consuming stands.

Buy a pre-made jet ski stand instead of building one of your own. Many manufacturers offer fully built jet ski stands, many of which can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate the draft of your own jet ski. They're rarely very expensive unless they also double as a trailer.

Build your stand with ample structural support. This means having a solid base (preferably one that links each leg of the stand) and using cross beams to strengthen each leg. Remember that your stand needs to support hundreds of pounds of weight, so the more structural support you give it the better.

Account for the shape of your jet ski when you build your stand. Make measurements along the bottom of the jet ski (the "draft") and shape the stand to accommodate it. The closer to the actual angle of the jet ski the more stable the stand will be.

Place rubber wheels, runners or coasters at the bottom of the stand within the "bucket" where the jet ski sits. This will make it easier to roll the jet ski off the stand when you're ready to load it for transport.


  • You should only choose to build jet ski stands if you know how to complete basic to intermediate construction projects. This includes knowing how to give your stand proper support as well as knowing what materials can support what weights.


  • Ask other jet ski owners how they built their stands. You can learn a lot from people who have already successfully stored their jet skis with stands they've built. You might even consider asking for help when you begin to build your own jet ski stands.

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