How to Build a Climbing Tree Stand

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Tree stands are used to keep hunters off the ground and hidden from the wildlife being hunted. Building a climbing tree stand can be both fun and inexpensive, but it is also important to use proper measures that will keep you safe while having fun. Since you want to build your own tree stand, use the proper materials and follow the guidelines given to succeed in accomplishing this goal. After each step is completed it is a good idea to inspect your work to avoid any mishaps during your hunt.

Items you will need

  • Tube pipes

  • Bolts

  • Drill

  • Drill bits

  • Chain

  • Boat seat

Choose a tree. You should choose what size tree you will be climbing as well as what type of trees will be in the area. For eample, if you are hunting in a pine forest you will want to make the stand adjust to a smaller size so that by the time you reach the top it will be level.

Drill. Begin by taking the drill and making holes on both ends of your tube pipe. Make the holes to fit the size bolts that you have selected. After making the holes on all four corners of the pipe you can bolt them together making it very tight. Take four more and continue the same process so that you now have two squares of equal size.

Connect. Take the two squares and connect them together using four more pieces of your tube pipe. This will connect the top and bottom of the top of the climbing stand. After you have bolted securely, you will then want to bolt down the chain cable that will allow you to climb the tree and also hold you firmly to the tree while you are hunting. A lot of tree stands use a chain because they are easy to adjust, allowing you to move your stand to different trees if you choose.

Make a "v". You will need to take four more pieces of the tube pipe to make the bottom part of the climbing stand. Take and bolt together the four pieces of the pipe, and then bolt down another long piece of chain to the bottom as well. You will need to create a "V" shape on the side that will be up against the tree. This can be done with the tube pipe that you already have.


  • Make sure you hang the stand on the tree in the daylight and inspect it thoroughly. Tighten down any loose bolts and make sure you feel comfortable climbing in your new stand.


  • This type of climbing tree stand is recommended to leave on a tree of your choice because it will not be feasible to move it around the woods.
  • The best seat for bow hunting will be a boat seat so that you will have a swivel movement to your left and right.
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