The Brightest Coon Hunting Belt Lights

The Brightest Coon Hunting Belt Lights

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The typical coon hunt takes place in heavy timber and dark conditions. It is important that the hunter has a bright light to assist with tracking and navigation. Belt lights can be placed on a hard hat, around the waist or around the collar of a dog. There are a variety of different lights available with many bright options. In addition to being bright, the lights also must be durable and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

Bright Eyes Lights

Bright Eyes Lights manufactures several different belt lights specifically for coon hunting. The 28-volt belt light is one of the brightest on the market. The light comes with the belt but does not come with a hat. The belt is colored in safety orange for extra visibility when hunting in groups and the battery will last for two hours in the brightest mode and 20 hours in the lowest mode. The other belt lights by Bright Eyes are also bright, but they do not compare to the 28-volt model.

Donkey Light

The Donkey belt light has high power with 25 volts. This makes the light extremely bright, and it comes with a soft hat and a belt. Donkey makes several other models with less voltage and one head lamp that is higher voltage but not designed to be used on a belt. Anything over 20 volts is very bright, and 25 volts is more than enough power to create a large field of view while hunting at night.

Moonshiner Lights

Moonshiner has several different lights with the brightest being the 26-volt model. The light comes with the option for a soft hat or a hard hat and it has six different settings. The light will last for two hours at the highest setting and for 12 hours at the lowest setting. The belt is a one-size-fits-all model, and it must be cut to length by the individual user.


The Prolite Platinum Pro 26 is among the brightest belt lights for coon hunting. The light comes with a cover, extra bulb, belt and soft or hard hat. The 26-volt light is capable of blazing a path through the woods and freezing a coon in a tree. It is among the brightest on the market and the belt is ordered to fit from the manufacturer. This means you will not need to make any adjustments, only charge the battery before hunting.

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