How to Break Down a Taurus PT140

How to Break Down a Taurus PT140

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Handgun ownership involves more than purchasing a pistol and making trips to the firing range. It also involves understanding and developing familiarity with the model that has been selected. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm are necessary to keep it in proper working condition. This involves taking apart or "breaking down" the weapon to ensure the process is thorough and effective. The Taurus PT140, or .40 caliber Millennium Pro, can be disassembled in just a few steps.

Press the magazine release button, located near the trigger guard on the left side, and remove the clip from the weapon.

Push the slide back and lock it in place by pushing up on the slide stop, the middle of the three controls located on the left side of the pistol just below the slide.

Look into the ejector port to ensure the weapon is unloaded and no round remains in the chamber.

Turn the disassembly latch clockwise until it is perpendicular to the slide, then pull out and remove it from the frame.

Hold the slide, release the slide stop and allow the slide to return to the forward position.

Press and hold the trigger, releasing the slide, and pull the slide off the front of the pistol. Lay the frame aside.

Turn the slide assembly over. Push in on the recoil assembly and then lift up and remove it from the slide.

Push up on the barrel assembly and remove it from the slide. This completes the breakdown of the PT140. Reassemble the weapon by reversing these steps.


  • Always point your firearm in a safe direction.
  • Never modify or use modified parts in your pistol.
  • Improper handling or assembly of your weapon can cause malfunctions resulting in serious injury or even death.
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