How to Braid a Paracord Walking Stick

Paracord, also know as parachute cord and 550 cord, is a small-diameter nylon cord originally designed by the U.S. military. Featuring seven smaller strands covered by a nylon sheath, paracord is used for many applications in the outdoors, including lashing and snare building. For carrying a length of paracord conveniently, it is wrapped around knife and walking stick handles, where it also provides a secure and cushioned grip for extended use.

Drill a hole in the walking stick 1 inch from the handle end with a drill and bit. Choose a drill bit that is slightly larger than the paracord you will be using. Smooth the edges of the holes to prevent picking or snagging the paracord, using a knife and sandpaper.

Position the walking stick with the handle end easily accessible. Brace the walking stick between your knees, for example, to hold it steady while working.

Cut a length of paracord from a filler spool with a knife. Choose a length of paracord based on the desired length of the handle wrap. Use a length of 20 feet as a starting point and seal the cut end of the cord with a lighter to prevent unraveling.

Feed one end of the paracord through the hole in the walking stick. Feed the same end back through the hole. Adjust the cord so that there is a small loop formed on one side of the stick and two equal lengths of the cord on the other side of the stick.

Pull the loop over the handle end of the walking stick and feed the lengths of paracord up through the loop. Pull the loop tight to hold the ends of the cord even and secure.

Hold one length of paracord in one hand and the remaining length with the other hand. Wrap the paracord lengths around the walking stick in opposite directions so they meet on the opposite side of the stick.

Cross the two lengths of paracord. Twist the cords around each other one time so the lengths are now pointing in the direction from which they came around the stick.

Wrap the lengths of cord back around the walking stick and back to the side where the first twist was made. Twist the lengths of cord again and wrap them back around the stick.

Continue to wrap and twist the paracord lengths until you achieve your desired length of handle. Tie the cord off securely and cut excess cord length with a knife or allow it to hang free, based on personal preference.


  • The basic paracord twist wrap braid is a multipurpose cord wrap method suitable for knife handles, tool handles and walking sticks.


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