How to Blue a Gun

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As guns age rust may form on the metal parts. This is unsightly, particularly with an antique gun, so some people decide to fix the problem themselves. The process is called bluing your gun, and it refers to the blue tone the cleaned steel takes after the process is complete. Although there are professional shops out there to do the work, you can also purchase a bluing kit and do it yourself.

Make absolutely sure the gun is unloaded prior to starting the process. Sand down any visible rust on the gun using 1200 grit sandpaper.

Degrease the gun using a cotton rag and denatured alcohol, making sure all of the steel is degreased so the bluing process works correctly.

Apply the gun blue liquid from the bluing kit onto a cotton rag, then wipe the liquid onto the steel of the gun using the rag. Work your way around the gun in small sections, adding more bluing liquid as necessary until you reach a color you prefer. Wipe off any excess liquid using a clean cotton rag.

Buff the blued areas on the gun using the #0000 steel wool. Apply the gun oil to a clean cotton rag, then wipe down the gun using the gun oil to prevent further rusting.


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