How to Attach Spurs to Boots

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The iconic jingle of spurs clomping on weathered hardwood alerts movie goers that the bad guy is strutting into the saloon. But spurs also serve a practical purpose. The metal prongs of the spur roll into the side of a horse when riding, reinforcing commands to move forward or lateral. Put them on right for ultimate command while riding.

Buckle Out

Rest the band of the spur on top of the spur rest of the boot with the shank of the spur pointing straight back. The spur rest is the small shelf created by the heel's sole of the boot. Wrap the belt around the ankle making sure that the buckle of the belt points out away from the horse. Buckle the belt as you would a pants buckle, leaving just a little wiggle room. Once you get used to putting on the spurs and know which hole of the buckle you use, you can put the spurs on before you put your boots on. Just buckle the spurs, slip them over your boots, rest the band of the spur on the spur shelf and then put your boots on.