How to Attach Rash Guards to Boardshorts

How to Attach Rash Guards to Boardshorts

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Rash guards and board shorts are commonly worn by surfers, kite surfers, jet ski enthusiasts and wakeboarders who want to protect themselves from minor abrasions caused by repeated contact with a surf board and salt water. When used together, rash guards and board shorts help minimize the potentially harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure by lessening the chance of sunburns. Select a rash guard and a pair of board shorts that suits your needs and connect them so that they don't come unattached during wear.

Items you will need

  • Rash guard

  • Board shorts

Put on a bathing suit, bikini or swim trunks. Slip your rash guard on over your head and arms. Unbutton, untie or separate the velcro tabs on the board shorts. Pull your board shorts up over your bikini bottoms or shorts so that they rest loosely around your waist above your hips.

Pull your board shorts down a few inches below your hips, so that the waist of your swim trunks or the top of your bikini bottoms is exposed. Pull the bottom edge of the rash guard down and tuck it into your bikini bottoms or into the inner liner of the board shorts.

Pull the board shorts back up over your hips and fasten them tightly around your waist, securing the rash guard to your body and the shorts. Tug on the midsection of the rash guard gently to ensure a tight fit. Repeat this process, if necessary, after a few hours in the water or if intense spinning and crashing through waves disconnects the two pieces.

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