How to Attach a Milk Crate to a Bike

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If you are looking for a way to easily carry extra baggage on your bicycle, look no further than a milk crate. By attaching a milk crate to a pre-installed bike rack, you will have a simple, affordable and easy-to-use way to carry around extra gear on your bicycling trip.

Items you will need

  • Milk crate

  • Bungee cord (or zip ties)

  • Bike rack (pre-installed)

Install a bike rack over your rear wheel, if you do not already have one installed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing your particular rack.

Place the milk crate on top of the bike rack.

Force each end of the bungee cord through the slots of the milk crate closest to the outside edge of the bike rack. While this may seem difficult to do, it can be done.

Lace the bungee cord around the bike rack and through the holes of the milk crate a few times. As you go along, attach the hook on the end of the bungee you are not working on to the bike rack or a hole in the milk crate so you don't lose all of the work you have done so far.

Finish by hooking the two ends of the bungee cord together, or hook the bungee cord ends into the slots of the milk crate. Make sure the bungee cords are taught, with no loose cord, before you attach them together or to the crate.

Shake, jimmy and bump the crate to make sure it is firmly secured to the bike rack. Load up your supplies and ride.


  • According to the owners of the Rapid Transit Cycleshop, an installed milk crate may have the tendency to hit you on the lower back as you ride. This problem can be solved by placing the basket farther back on your bike rack.


  • The bungee cord can be replaced by zip ties, but if you choose to do this you will have to periodically replace the zip ties.