How to Take Apart a Remington 1100

How to Take Apart a Remington 1100

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The Remington 1100 shotgun features a semi-automatic action and tubular magazine. After firing a round, gas pressure pushes the carrier back and the extractor removes the spent shell. A new shell is loaded from the magazine as the bolt moves forward, powered by the recoil spring. Disassembly of the Remington 1100 is fairly simple and doesn't require tools, only an understanding of the action of the weapon. Before disassembling your Remington 1100, make sure that you have a clean, well-lit work area.

Items you will need

  • Plastic bag

Set the gun to safe and make sure that it's aimed in a safe direction.

Open the action by pulling the charging handle to the rear until it's held open by the carrier latch.

Remove the magazine cap by unscrewing it.

Remove the fore-end by sliding it forward, away from the magazine tube.

Grasp the barrel in front of the gas cylinder and pull it off the receiver.

Remove the components ahead of the magazine tube; the barrel seal, the gas piston and the piston seal all slide toward the muzzle of the shotgun. Keep them in a plastic bag.

Close the action by pulling the operating handle forward.

Slide the operating handle out of the bolt by pulling it down, then away from the receiver.

Release the carrier release and push upward on the carrier; the carrier release is the small button in front of the trigger.

Remove the action bar assembly while holding the feed latch, and then let it go.

Remove the breech bolt assembly -- the cylindrical slide that covers the breech -- from the back of the action bar assembly.

Lift the back of the trigger assembly, slide it backwards and pull it out of the receiver.


  • Always ensure that your weapon is unloaded before disassembling it.


  • Take snapshots of your work if you're concerned that you won't remember how to reassemble the shotgun.
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