How to Take Apart a Kel-Tec P11

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Kel-Tec's Model P-11 handgun is a small-caliber handgun designed as a back-up or concealed carry weapon due to its smaller size. The pistol is chambered for the 9mm parabellum round and measures just under six inches in length, making it easily concealable in a pocket or handbag. In order to clean or perform routine maintenance on your P-11, you first have to take apart or "field strip" the pistol down into its individual components.

Items you will need

  • 9mm round

Remove the magazine from the P-11's grip and pull the slide action backwards. Carefully examine the firing chamber to ensure there is no live ammunition still inside the gun.

Hold the slide in the "Open" position and use your thumb to push the slide-stop bar up into the notch on the right side of the slide.

Use the bottom lip of a 9mm cartridge to lever out the take-down pin just in front of the slide-stop lever. Once the pin comes out, push the slide all the way forward and off of the pistol frame.

Turn the slide over, then compress the recoil spring inside the slide slightly. This allows you to lift the back end of the spring up and pull the whole assembly out the bottom of the slide.

Slide the barrel forward about a half-an-inch, then lift the back end up and pull it out of the slide.

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