How to Adjust the Velocity of a Paintball Marker

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The velocity of a paintball marker determines how far the paintball will shoot from the gun. It also determines the accuracy of the shot. It is important to have a clean gun in order to have consistent velocity. Too much velocity or too little can cause paint breakage inside the gun.

Adjust the velocity of a paintball marker by adjusting the gun itself. On most guns, there's normally a screw adjustment on the side of the gun that adjusts the velocity. If you turn the screw in a clockwise direction, it restricts the gas flow through the gun, which slows the ball down. If you turn it counter-clockwise, it increases the flow of the gas and speeds up the paintball.

Check out another way in which to adjust velocity. Some paintball guns have adjustable bolts that regulate the gases. There are different types of bolts with different air-flow restrictions. The best way is to try several different bolts to see which works best for your particular gun.

Use a regulator to adjust the velocity of the paintball marker. These regulators screw directly into the gun. This allows you to adjust velocity easily and quickly.

Look at your paintball marker. Some tanks come with regulators already attached. These have gauges that tell you how much pressure is being put into your gun. You can adjust these regulators directly on the tank. These tanks with regulators have set screws so that you cannot adjust the regulator while playing paintball. Therefore, all adjustments must be made before and after the contest.


  • Make sure you consult your manual before making an adjustments.
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