BSA Sweet 17 Scope Instructions

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All hunters and shooting enthusiasts seek precise accuracy when taking a shot. The BSA Sweet 17 is an adjustable scope made specifically for .17-caliber rimfire rifles. This scope is equipped with a focus and windage-adjustable range turret accurate at distances of up to 250 yards.

Items you will need

  • Target

Look through the scope at the target; center the crosshairs on the bull's-eye. Adjust the rear focus knob left or right until the target comes into focus. The focus knob is located just behind the eye-piece.

Turn the range-turret knob to your specific distance. If your target is at 50 yards, line up the base hash-mark with the 50-yard hash mark on the turret.

Fire a group of shots at your target. Note the shot placement in relation to the bull's-eye.

Adjust the elevation knob -- located at the front of the scope on the objective bell -- up or down. The adjustment is dependent upon the direction your shot needs to move. If your shot is above the target, adjust the elevation up by one click. Each click will adjust to 1/4-inch on the target.

Adjust the windage knob located on the right side of the scope. If your shot is to the left or right of the bull's-eye, adjust the windage knob in the direction the shot needs to move. Adjust one click at a time until your shot lands on target. Each click will move the shot 1/4-inch.


  • Never attempt maintenance on a loaded firearm.
  • Never point a weapon at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill.


  • Set up your target at a range that you typically shoot at. If you normally hunt or practice at 150 yards, sight in the scope at this range for optimal performance.
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