How to Adjust Training Wheels

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Training wheel are designed to allow bikers to practice balancing on two wheels while mitigating the risk that comes with learning how to ride a bike. Adjusting the training wheels higher will improve your ability to balance on two wheels, and your confidence on a bike will increase as your reliance on the training wheels decreases. Move slowly and keep in mind that you can readjust the wheels back down for more help at any time.

Have the owner of the bicycle ride it for a bit. Observe how much they wobble and how often the training wheels are used. Determine how much you will raise the wheel. Raising it higher will reduce the amount of help training wheels offer a bicyclist, while lowering the wheels makes the bike easier to ride.

Loosen the nuts that hold the training wheels to the bicycle frame. Adjust each wheel about one to two inches higher. Tighten the bolt to secure the training wheels in place.

Watch the rider again to determine if the training wheels require further adjustment. Lower the training wheels if the rider is still having difficulty keeping balance on two wheels, and allow the rider to gain more experience in pedaling, braking and turning. Begin raising the training wheels again when the rider shows more confidence and skill at balancing on two wheels.


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