How to Adjust a Tasco Scope

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Tasco manufactures a wide range of optical devices and scopes for use in hunting, competitive shooting and target shooting. Tasco scopes are available for airguns, rim fire and center fire rifles. Tasco scopes should be be zeroed in before use in hunting or target shooting situations by using a process that allows for precise incremental adjustments to the scope.

Items you will need

  • Ammunition

  • Target

  • Hearing protection

  • Safety glasses

Set up a target 100 yards from the shooting bench at a firing range.

Set the Tasco scope to its maximum magnification setting. Load the rifle with three rounds of ammunition. Put on hearing and eye protection before shooting.

Fire three rounds at the target. Observe the placement of the holes in the target to determine how the scope needs to be adjusted.

Adjust the scope horizontally with the windage adjustment on top of the scope. Use a screwdriver or coin to turn the windage adjustment screw. Turn the screw to the left, for example, if the shot grouping was to the right of the target center. At 100 yards, one click turn equals 1/4-inch of adjustment.

Adjust the scope vertically with the elevation adjustment. Turn the elevation adjustment screw on the side of the scope with a coin or screwdriver. Turn the screw to the right, for example, if the grouping was below the target center. One click turn at 100 yards is equal to 1/4-inch of adjustment.

Fire three more rounds at the target, note the location where the bullets made impact and make additional adjustments to the scope's windage and elevation as needed.

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