How to Adjust the Steering on a Jet Ski

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Jet Skis are personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki, but also a generic name (jet skis) used to describe other personal watercraft, like a Sea-Doo or a Polaris. Since jet skis can reach high speeds, it is necessary that the steering be as responsive as possible. If the jet ski seems not as responsive in turns or if there seems to be some play when making a turn, it is possible the steering may need to be adjusted. This can be done by adjusting the steering cables.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Socket set

Step 1

Remove the front storage panel under the handle bars by pulling the retainer pins with pliers if you cannot work them out by hand. Set the cover and the pins aside.

Step 2

Locate the steering cable support. It will be a small, box-like object with a cable running to and through its center. This is the steering cable. Use the socket set to loosen the bolts holding the cable in place, but do not completely remove these bolts.

Step 3

The steering cable will be attached to the steering cable support by a black plastic nut. Turn the nut slightly to the right to correct the steering to the right. Turn the nut to the left to correct slightly to the left.

Step 4

Tighten the steering cable support bolts with the socket set, then replace the front storage panel and retaining pins.


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