How to Adjust the Foot Pedal Tension on a Minn Kota

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You can easily adjust the foot pedal tension on a Minn Kota trolling motor with the turn of a tension screw. The foot pedal is used to control the prop angle and adjust for steering and speed. It allows for total hands-free control, an extremely valuable tool when angling. You can cast, rig and land fish while using the foot pedal to steer and control your boat. The tension will loosen if the pedal is misused or abused. Luckily, adjusting and tightening the tension is easy.

Clean First

Start by cleaning dirt and grime from the pedal. This is preventative maintenance; you should clean off the pedal regularly anyway. Dirt and grime work their way into the cracks and can affect the electronics and functionality. The speed control knob and steering buttons are especially vulnerable to dirt. Take a moment to clean the pedal with a wet towel. An air-powered nozzle also helps around the electronic areas.

Adjust the Tension

Locate the cable that connects your foot pedal to the motor. Follow the cable to the pedal, and locate the tension screw under the pedal. The screw is near the wire entry point. Turn the screw to the right to increase tension or to the left to relieve tension. Do one to two turns, and then test before continuing to turn. Small increments make it easy to find your ideal tension point.

Maintain Your Pedal

Cover your foot pedal when the motor's not in use, and keep it on a nice dry deck when you are using the device. Store indoors when it's not in use for long periods of time. Do not submerge the pedal in water, and avoid contact with dirt and mud. Minn Kota pedals do not require a heavy foot to operate. Do not stomp, and only use pressure as necessary.

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