How to Adjust New Balance Walking Poles

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New Balance walking poles are constructed of rubber and aluminum with non-slip handles for grips. The poles have a twist-and-lock system so you can shorten or lengthen it to your desired length based on your own height and comfort level. Walking poles are useful tools for hiking and walking. They enhance your balance, stability and footing on all types of walking terrains.

Step 1

Unlock the top and bottom sections of your poles. Extend the lower section by twisting and pulling it down just below the maximum limit.

Step 2

Stand upright and relax your shoulders. Position one pole under your arm and adjust the pole length so that it reaches 3 inches below the underarm. Twist and lock the upper section in place.

Step 3

Adjust the second pole by matching its length with the first one.

Step 4

Vary the length of your New Balance walking poles depending on the elevations of your hiking terrain or walking paths. When walking uphill, shorten the length of your poles a few inches. This helps in increasing load-bearing pressure. If walking downhill, lengthen the pole a few inches to increase your balance and control.


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