How to Adjust the BSA Sweet 17 Scope 2-7/32 A/O

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The BSA Sweet 17 2-7-by-32 AO scope is designed for use with rifles chambered for .17-caliber HMR bullets. The scope has a generous eye-relief of 3 inches, and is adjustable for parallax error. Parallax error is an optical illusion of false target movement caused by shifts in the shooter's vision. The scope's windage and elevation-adjustment dials are designed to move the point-of aim 1/4 inch per click at 100 yards.

Items you will need

  • Target

Sight in your scope by adjusting the windage and elevation dials, located on the top and right-hand side of your scope. Align the intersection of the reticles with the rifle's point-of-impact. To determine your point-of-impact, set up a target at a range of approximately 100 yards. Fire at least three well-aimed shots at your target, and record the location of the shot group. Use your windage and elevation dials to move your shot group. If your shot group is 1-inch low and1-inch right of where you aimed, adjust your scope 1 -nch up and 1-inch left.

Set your scope's magnification as desired. Adjust the scope from two to seven times your normal vision. Adjust the magnification with the variable power-ring located near the rear of the scope.

Adjust your scope to compensate for parallax error by adjusting the objective lens -- located at the far end of the scope -- to the distance from your target. The BSA Sweet 17 is adjustable for distances of 7.5 feet to infinity.

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