How to Add Power to a 90CC ATV

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90cc four wheelers are typically ridden by older children or very light weight adults. 90cc gasoline models are more powerful than electric or 50cc four wheelers typically ridden by youth. Adding power to a 90cc four wheeler may be a good way to delay having to purchase a larger four wheeler as young riders grow more experienced and are able to handle more power. There are several minor modifications that can be made to a 90cc four wheeler in order to slightly increase power, however, if you are looking to add a lot of power, it is probably more effective and less costly to simply upgrade to a four wheeler with a larger motor.

Locate the throttle governor screw on your 90cc four wheeler. Governor are used to limit the amount of power and speed the engine will deliver. Remove or loosen the governor so that the atv can use all of the power the engine has to deliver.

Install higher quality tires. Tires can make a big difference in the way an atv will perform and handle, so adding after market higher quality performance tires will increase the 90cc ATV's performance.

Upgrade the exhaust system. Improving the exhaust system on the four wheeler by replacing it with an aftermarket system can allow exhaust gases to leave the engine and exhaust system more quickly, providing a slight boost in horsepower.

Upgrade engine components. Using higher quality components such as air filters, carbuerators and even spark plugs can slightly improve your 90cc four wheelers performance and power level.

Use high quality fuel. Using higher quality, high octane fuel can give your engine a performance boost.


  • Always take proper safety precautions when riding atvs.


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