How to Add Oil to a Hijacker Camper Jack

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The Hijacker camper jack is used to steady, load and unload campers that slide into the bed of a truck. The jacks are not used to store the camper. If the jack will not pump, it may not have enough hydraulic oil inside the reservoir. Fill it with oil and prime it to extend the life of the jack. If the jack still does not pump, consider replacing it. Needed repairs may cost more than replacement.

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • O-ring, if needed

  • Hydraulic oil

Step 1

Turn the release valve on the Hijacker camper jack clockwise to close it. The release valve is on the side of the jack near the top.

Step 2

Stand on the leg pad and pull the jack up to extend it fully.

Step 3

Turn the reservoir bolt counterclockwise with a wrench to remove it. The reservoir bolt is on the front of the jack over the label. Inspect the O-ring for visible damage. Discard a damaged O-ring and replace it.

Step 4

Fill the reservoir with hydraulic oil. The reservoir is full when oil reaches the bottom of the reservoir hole.

Step 5

Reinsert the bolt and O-ring into the reservoir hole. Turn it clockwise two turns.

Step 6

Push the jack down fully. Turn the release valve clockwise to tighten it fully. Pump the jack handle to raise the jack one foot to prime the jack and ensure it is working properly.

Step 7

Turn the release valve counterclockwise three turns to open it. Push the jack down fully.

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