Parks for Baby Showers in Miami

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There are plenty of parks in Miami that are perfect for hosting baby showers. Especially if the mother-to-be has an extensive guest list, a park can help remove any feelings of crowding that can easily happen in a confined indoor space. Many Miami parks are located near water, so you will have a picturesque backdrop and a breeze to cool off those warm afternoons. So pack up your party supplies and potluck dishes and head to a park to celebrate a new life arriving in Miami.

Girl Power Park

Women's Park was built to honor women in Miami-Dade County who made diverse contributions to the region. What better way to throw a shower than to do so at a girl-power park that includes 15-acres of playground, lakefront views, and a picnic pavilion. Young guests will burn off energy while the ladies can relax in the shaded areas ideal for lunch and gift giving.

Keep things active with a walk around the lake, and plenty of outdoor party games such as egg tosses, horseshoes, and other options that both active kids and adults can enjoy.

Overnight Celebration

If you know an outdoors loving couple, consider an unconventional baby shower at A.D. Barnes Park. Here you can camp overnight and enjoy the Sense of Wonder Nature Center and Trail. There are plenty of opportunities to swim in this park, or hike around the grounds. An active family welcoming a new member soon will love the chance to get outdoors and participate in activities that are healthy and safe during pregnancy.

Active History

The 94th Aero Squadron in Miami offers shower packages that include both outdoor and indoor activities for an adventurous expectant mom. Allow them to cater your lunch, and then take a group stroll around the property. There are also old war monuments scattered about for kids to climb on and explore when you need to release some of the energy your youngest guests will bring with them.

Seaside Celebration

The Barnacle Historic State Park in Miami is located in East Coconut Grove, and is the perfect location to honor any mom who loves the ocean. They have a banquet hall that is historical (built in the 1800s) when you want to serve up food; and then all of the guests can play volleyball on the beach, walk along the coastline, or swim. You can even have the entire shower at sea if you know someone with a sailboat or catamaran.

Co-ed Baby Shower

Another great park baby shower idea is to start your day at Bayfront Park in Miami. Here you can reserve a Tikki Beach Yacht charter boat, and have your entire shower surrounded by ocean. The boat is equipped with plenty of activities to keep guests at a co-ed shower happy, including pool tables, sand pits, and a dance floor.



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