The Best Surf Fishing Rods

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Surf fishing off the coast exposes you to big fish and even bigger water. As a result, the tackle and equipment needs to withstand the harsh fishing conditions. You can choose from a variety of surf fishing rods, but the best have the proper rod length, power, action, durable construction and anti-corrosive materials.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Surf Fishing Rod

According to Galt Tech, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik is one of the best surf fishing rods for the price. At only $49.95 as of 2010, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik provides an economical alternative to the surf fishing rods priced at more than $300. Ugly Stik rods are durable, making them a popular choice for surf and inshore anglers. Available in four sizes and three actions, you can customize the rod to match the fishing conditions. The aluminum oxide inserts, graphite-reinforced reel seats and stainless steel hoods provide sensitivity and durability. A five-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind when retrieving a giant fish.

Cabela's Salt Striker Cork Tape Surf Casting Rod

Anglers know Cabela’s for producing quality fishing gear, and the Salt Striker Cork Tape Surf Casting Rod is among the best. Built for long-range surf casting, the Salt Striker features an aluminum-oxide guide for smooth casts and retrieves. The graphite reel seat and cork tape handles provide all-day comfort, and the stainless steel and aluminum oxide components provide corrosion resistance against the saltwater.

Pinnacle Coastal Power Rods

Available in casting, spinning, trolling or stand-up models, Pinnacle Coastal Power rods provide versatility for surf fishing. According to Nor'East Saltwater, the Coastal Power rods feature EVA handle grips and a lightweight graphite reel seat for comfort during an all-day fishing trip. The heavy-duty aluminum oxide inserts and dual layer construction are durable enough to handle many years of surf fishing. The rods break down into two or more pieces for easy transportation to and from the boat.

Shimano Nexave BX Telescopic Surf Rod

The Nexave BX Telescopic Surf Rod by Shimano provides one of the best surf fishing rods with the ability to reach long lengths for powerful casts. According to TelescopicFishing-Rod, the Nexave BX is ideal for traveling anglers looking to pack a long rod. The extended length provides the ability to cast long distances while fishing for big game fish measuring more than 4 meters. A Vibraspot reel seat gives you the sensitivity to feel the bite with a comfortable grip and feel for a long, tough retrieve.


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