The Best Salt Water Fishing Rods

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Saltwater fishing requires special equipment to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions and potential size of the fish. Rods are available in a variety of styles, including spinning rods, casting rods and surf rods. Each style is made from graphite, fiberglass or composite materials with features that make it suitable for specific fishing conditions. The best saltwater fishing rods combine durable, lightweight materials for versatility.

St. Croix Tidemaster Casting Rod

St. Croix specializes in fishing rods. According to Bass Pro Shops, the St. Croix Tidemaster is ideal for any fish from stripers, barracudas, bonfish or blue marlin. The lightweight design and premium-grade cork handle provides comfort during an all-day fishing trip. Materials such as the graphite blanks, aluminum-oxide guides, stainless steel frame keep the rod from corroding in the salt water conditions. The Tidemaster also features a five-year manufacture warranty.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Rods

The Ugly Stik fishing rod is among the top selling rods of all time, and the Ugly Stik Tiger rods are one of the best for salt waterfishing. You can choose from casting rods or spinning rods to match your fishing style. Measuring 7 feet in length, the Ugly Stik Tiger can handle line weights from 20 to 50 lb. test. A one-piece construction and graphite core provide strength and durability when you are fighting a big game fish. Anti-corrosive materials including aluminum-oxide guides and stainless steel cushioned hoods keep the Ugly Stik performing for years.

G.Loomis Bronzeback Spinning Rod

For saltwater fish weighing less 5 lbs., the G.Loomis Bronzeback spinning rod is among the best. Outdoor Life, according to the Bronzeback website, combines a high-modulus GLX material, nickel-titanium alloy guides and an extra-fast action to create an ultra-sensitive rod. It features a light tip and stiff back so you can feel even the smallest of bites. G. Loomis recommends using soft plastic baits for float or fly fishing techniques with the Bronzeback series spinning rods.

Orvis Hydros Fly Rods

Fly fishing in the saltwater flats requires sensitivity, and the Orvis Hydros fly rods deliver. Orvis used their design for the Helios line of fly rods and improved the sensitivity and responsiveness to create the Hydros. According to Field and Stream, the Hydros has enough comfort and durability to fish all day. Available in 21 models, you can choose the model to match your personal preference. The rods can also break down into multiple pieces and be placed in a storage tube if you are traveling to a remote fishing location.


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