Beaches Near Houston, Texas

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There are beautiful beaches located 100 miles or less from the city of Houston. The beaches are located along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It will take less than a two hour's car trip to travel to them, and you will be rewarded with surf and sand and a place to do many fun, fitness-related activities.

Bolivar Peninsula Beaches

It could take more than a day to participate in all of the fitness-related activities the Bolivar Peninsula has to offer. The Bolivar Peninsula consists of 27 miles of beaches. Visitors to the beaches enjoy swiming, surfing, camping, bike riding, boating, fishing, crabbing and other activities. If needed, equipment for outdoor activities can be rented at local businesses.

Crystal Beach, which is located on the Bolivar Peninsula, is about 97 miles from downtown Houston. In 2007, "Texas Monthly" magazine named Crystal Beach one of the 20 best beaches in the state.

Galveston Beaches

Galveston, Texas, which is located about 50 miles from downtown Houston, is home to 32 miles of beaches. The Galveston beaches include East Beach, Galveston Island State Park, Palm Beach at Moody Gardens, Sea Gull Shores Beach Pocket Park 1, Sand Castle Beach Pocket Park 2, Sea Shell Beach Pocket Park 3 and Stewart Beach.

East Beach is famous for outdoor concerts and festivals. Stewart Beach is popular with families, as it's equipped with a children's playground area and volleyball courts. Palm Beach at Moody Gardens is a beach resort. The resort hotel has a spa and gym area. Compared to their counterparts, Galveston Island State Park, Sea Gull Shores Beach Pocket Park 1, Sand Castle Beach Pocket Park 2 and Sea Shell Beach Pocket Park 3 are relatively low-key public beaches that have been left undisturbed. These beaches have miles of shoreline where visitors can take long, heart-healthy walks.

Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach, a southwest suburbs of Galveston, is located about an hour and 15 minutes from Houston. The beach is free. In addition to swimming, visitors to Jamaica Beach enjoy fishing and boating. Jamaica Beach is popular for its serenity and quite surroundings. It's a low-key beach that's free of events and crowds. You will be at peace walking along the shore collecting shells and watching the horizon.

Surfside Beach

Every time a hurricane steers up in the Gulf of Mexico or before the storm approaches land, surfers head to the appropriately named Surfside Beach, Texas. According to the city's website, the area's deep waters and long jetties contribute to great surfing conditions. Surfside Beach is located about 60 miles from downtown Houston. Visitors to Surfside beach also enjoy horseback riding, fishing, boating, bike riding, kayaking and riding Jet Skis. Horses are allowed on Surfside Beach from April 1 through May 15, and from Sept. 15 to Oct. 31 on weekdays. Horses are allowed on Surfside Beach everyday starting Nov. 1 and ending March 31.

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

Matagorda Bay Nature Park, which is a 1,600-acre park and preserve, has 22 miles of beach. The park is located on the Matagorda Peninsula and is located about 100 miles from Houston. Visitors to Matagorda Bay Nature Park can swim at the beach or enjoy hiking, fishing, bird watching, camping or kayaking at the park facility.



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