Beachfront Camping in Siesta Key, Florida

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Siesta Key, Florida, located in Sarasota County, is home to many beautiful beaches and resorts for active, health-conscious visitors. Turtle Beach Campground in Siesta Key offers beachfront camping. This is the only campground in the area that allows RVs or tents to set up camp directly on the Gulf of Mexico's shores. The campground has 40 campsites and offers a variety of entertainment and activities for people of all ages.


Turtle Beach Campground is adjacent to Turtle Beach Park. Originally the Gulf Beach Travel Trailer Park, the campground was bought by Sarasota County in 2006. Turtle Beach Campground, named for the many sea turtle nests found on the beach, offers 14 acres of attractions.


Prices to camp on Turtle Beach Campground vary, depending on the time of the year, as well as location. Rates include two people, water, sewer and 30 amp electric, but do not include tax. Peak season is between November and April, so rates are higher then. Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available.


Reservations for campsites must be made in advance. Sites rented for more than a 45-day period must be reserved at least 30 days in advance. According to Turtle Beach Campground rules, Sarasota County residents may reserve campsites up to nine months in advance, and out of county residents/visitors may reserve campsites up to six months in advance. In order to hold a site, the fee must be paid in full and received within seven days of making the reservation.


There is a three-night minimum for campsites on holiday weekends. A six-person maximum occupancy is strictly enforced and at least one adult, over the age of 21, must be present. Park ordinance prohibits animals and campfires. Quiet time on the grounds is enforced from 11 p.m. to 10 a.m. For the protection of all campers, a code must be given upon entrance from 9:30 p.m. to 10 a.m.


Spend the day canoeing or lying in the sun.
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In addition to the beautiful white sand beaches, there are many activities to keep visitors busy throughout the day. Turtle Beach resort offers free Wi-Fi at the campground, 2,600 linear feet of beach frontage, boat ramps, canoe/kayak launch area, fishing, horseshoe pits, parking area, picnic shelters, grills, playground, restrooms, swimming and a volleyball court.



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