10x10 Pop Up Canopy Instructions

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Save your picnic or backyard event from a sudden light rain or harsh sunlight with a convenient pop-up canopy. At nine feet high, the 10x10 portable canopy can accommodate your camping group or tailgate party with 100 square feet of shade. Its fabric shell is water resistant and fire retardant. It also is quick and easy to assemble with two adults. Proper care will ensure that your canopy lasts for seasons to come.

Choose a relatively level site to set up your canopy. Remove the fabric shell and frame from the wheeled carrying bag.

Pull the folding canopy frame open and extend the legs. Set it upright on the ground.

Spread out the fabric shell and cover the frame, pulling the fabric taut.

Fully extend the frame legs to your desired height and push up the hubs to lock them into place.

Store the pop-up canopy in the carrying bag when not in use.


  • Store the canopy only when it's dry.


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