Activities for Toddlers in Tri-Cities, WA

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The Tri-Cities in Washington is made up of the cities of Kennewick, Richland and Pasco. The Tri-Cities is in what locals like to call the "sunny side" of the state, where they get 300 days of sunshine every year. With the Columbia River meandering through the region providing plenty of water recreation, and a strong emphasis on families, the area has plenty of options for toddlers.

Farm Fun

Many toddlers will be thrilled with some time on the farm. At Puddle Ducks Herb Farm in Pasco, you will be greeted by the ducks and geese that roam the grounds. Once there, your tot can see the other farm animals taking up residence, including toads, chickens and pheasants. The farm has berries, vegetables and flowers you can pick and buy, along with walking trails through the gardens. A visit to the alpaca farm might also be in order. Sandollar Alpacas in Kennewick offers free tours of the site as your young one will be able to see the animals up close.

Parks and Playgrounds

Columbia Park is along the south bank of the river in Kennewick, and it has an abundance of recreational opportunities. The park features the Playground of Dreams. It is 12,000 square feet of climbing toys, draw bridges, pirate ships, a dragon slide, a castle maze, sandboxes and swings. Next to the playground is a splash pad and open fields for play. In downtown Richland, Howard Amon Park has a wading pool and splash fun, playgrounds suitable for toddlers, open space, waterfront access and picnicking. Chiawana Park is a riverfront park in Pasco that has walking paths along the water, playgrounds and lots of wildlife.

Dance and Gymnastics Classes

The Dance Class in Richland offers classes for toddlers in beginning tap, creative movement and beginning ballet. Your child can learn the basics of dance and rhythm. Tri-Cities Academy of Dance and Music serves all three cities, providing classes in ballet and tap for the youngsters. The classes focus on developing crucial motor skills associated with creative movement and fostering an appreciation for dance at a young age. Mid-Columbia Gymnastics Academy has a program for toddlers called Tumbleroos. It is a weekly program teaching the tots gymnastic skills. A special theme happens once a month in which students can dress up and be imaginative while learning gymnastics.

Indoor Play Places

Mid-Columbia Gymnastics also provides an indoor playground for kids ages 6 and younger. With locations in Kennewick and Richland, your toddler can play with the many push and pull toys, gym features, foam pits, trampolines, swings, balls and hoops. Another option in Richland is Chuck-E-Cheese with its kiddie rides, arcade games, tunnels and slides. A visit with the Chuck-E-Cheese mascot while eating pizza might also be a priority for your toddler.


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