Zebco RT Spooling Instructions

Zebco RT Spooling Instructions

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Fishing is a sport that people can start when they are very young, and can continue participating in until they are much older. Many things will change over the course of their fishing career, including the equipment they use. When they are young, a good rod and reel choice for kids is the Zebco Ready Tackle series of spinning and spincast rods and reels, which are designed specifically for kids. Once the rods and reels are spooled with line, they can be used for fishing.

Items you will need

  • Rod and reel

  • Fishing line

  • Scissors


Insert the end of the fishing line through the top guide of the spincast rod, which has a piece of plastic that hangs below the rod handle and looks like a trigger. The spincast reel sits atop the rod handle.

Pass the fishing line through each rod guide.

Take off the face of the reel by turning it counterclockwise. Pass the line through the hole at the front of the part you just removed.

Wrap the line around the spool of the RT spincast reel. Wrap it a second time and then tie a knot so the line is tight on the reel.

Turn the handle of the reel to add line. Continue doing so until the line is 1/4 inch below the rim of the reel spool.

Replace the reel face by turning it clockwise.

Snip the line one foot beyond the end of the rod.


Pass the line through the tip of the RT spinning rod. These rod types do not have a trigger-shaped piece below the handle. Spinning reels hang below the handle of the rod.

Pass the line through each line guide.

Open the bail of the reel and wrap the line around the spool two times. Tie a knot so the line is tight on the reel spool.

Close the bale and turn the reel handle to take on line. Continue adding line until it is 1/4 inch below the rim of the spool.

Cut the fishing line 12 inches beyond the rod tip.

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