Zebco 33 Instructions

Zebco 33 Instructions

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The original Zebco 33 fishing reel was introduced in 1954. There are several different versions of the Zebco 33, but they all generally function in the same way. The cranking is interchangeable between right and left hands, and newer models are able to hold 130 yards of fishing line. Zebco 33s are extremely durable and suitable for fishers at all levels of ability.

Items you will need

  • Zebco 33 spincast reel

  • Zebco 33 matching rod

  • Fishing line

  • Toothbrush

  • Mild detergent

Using a Zebco 33 Reel

Press down the thumb button to lock the spool into place. So long as the button is pressed, the spool is unable to spin and the line remains in place.

Draw the rod back so that the tip is pointed behind you, then draw it forward again. Keep pressure on the button during the backswing of the casting motion so that the line doesn't unspool behind you. Release the thumb button when the rod is in forward motion.

Allow the lure and bait to drop down to depth. Turn the handle forward to engage the spinnerhead.

Bring the line back in by continuously turning the handle forward. The mechanisms within the reel will allow the line to re-spool smoothly.

Zebco 33 Maintenance

Rinse the reel inside and out with fresh water after a day's fishing. Check to make sure that dirt and debris have been completely cleaned away.

Allow the reel to dry; apply a light coat of grease and oil to the reel's movable parts. Use high quality lubricants designed for fishing gear. Only a small amount of lubrication is necessary; too much can cause problems.

Remove the cover and movable internal parts for a more thorough cleaning. Line them up in order so that it will be easier to reassemble the reel.

Clean each part using a toothbrush and dish soap. Remove all of the dirt and build up from the parts and the reel casing; allow them to dry. A soft cloth can be used to dry the pieces.

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