How to Wrap Leather on a Lever Action

Lever-action rifles are used by hunters and competitive western shooters. Operating the lever's action is required to eject and load rounds of ammunition in the rifle. The repetitive motion of operating the lever is made more comfortable by the addition of a leather wrap.

Lower the lever and inspect the chamber for ammunition. Eject any ammunition from the rifle.

Remove the backing strip from the double-sided tape located on the back of the leather wrap. Center the wrap on the inside of the lever. Position the wrap horizontally along the lever. The split in the wrap must be at the rear bend of the lever.

Thread a heavy needle with leather-appropriate thread. Stitch together the sides of the leather wrap. Begin at the front end of the wrap. Stitch through each set of holes along the wrap's length.

Pull the split end of the wrap around the rear bend of the lever. Continue to stitch the lever wrap together. Tie the thread off tightly



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